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Serving Casper, Wyoming
Local (Casper) fares including Sales tax
Pickup 6.00 AM - Midnight: $4.20 
Pickup Midnight - 6.00 AM: $5.50 
Mileage: 22.5 cents per 1/10th of a mile.

Waiting / Travel Time: $45.00 per hour. 

Bar Nun to Bar Nun - $10.00 minimum
Paradise Valley to Paradise Valley - $10.00 minimum

Flat Rate Fares
Casper to Airport (12 Miles Max) $24.00 
Casper to Glenrock (25 Miles Max) $49.00

Casper To Douglas ( 50 Miles Max ) $99.00
Return fare on Flat Rate trips charged at 50% of outgoing fare plus waiting time

Please contact us for State wide travel rates.

A Printed Receipt is always given.

All Prices include Sales tax.
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