Tipsy Taxi / Safe Ride

Safe Ride offers a FREE alternative to drunk driving 24 / 7 / 365.

Casper Cabs has a true commitment to safety. We originally started the Tipsy Taxi (now renamed Safe Ride) program five years ago. It's been very successful in lowering DUI's and alcohol related crashes in the Casper Area.

Safe Ride is a 100% donation based program run by concerned members of the community to offer drinkers in any bar or restaurant in the Casper area, a safe ride home should they not be able to afford to pay for a taxi. Any bar tender or server can offer a drinker a Safe Ride voucher. Any drinker can also request a Safe Ride voucher from the server.

The server will call a taxi to the location. The drinker will be helped to the taxi and the taxi driver is given the voucher. The drinker is driven home or to their hotel and the taxi company are reimbursed the fare from a Safe Ride fund. It's as simple as that. Safe Ride is true Win Win situation.

Now there's No Excuse to Drive Home Drunk from any bar or Restaurant in the area.

Safe Ride will not offer rides from bar to bar, just home. Safe Ride operates 24 / 7 / 365.

Ask Your Server for details.