Our Services

Casper Cabs offers in town and on occasion out of town rides. We have a 15 seat bus for larger parties, across town or State. We will transport passengers and act as a courier service for important packages etc. Our "out of town" rates are lower than regular "in town" taxi trips. Ask for details. Our longest trip so far is to take a couple (that wanted to get married) to Las Vegas. A round trip of over 1,600 miles.

Casper Cabs conforms to all city regulations with regard to licensing, insurance, etc. while others do not. We are the only company in the area to utilize a centralized dispatch system. Meaning your calls are routed through a dispatcher and not directly to a distracted taxi driver. All vehicles are GPS tracked, live to our dispatch offices. This means we can direct the nearest taxi to you. These systems provides a fast, efficient service meaning less wait time for passengers.

Casper Cabs originally started the Safe Ride (formally Tipsy Taxi) program five years ago. It's been very successful in lowering DUI's and alcohol related crashes in the Casper Area. Safe Ride is very well known and liked in this area.

About Safe Ride

Safe Ride is a 100% donation based program (no tax payer money) run by concerned members of the community to offer drinkers in any bar or restaurant in the Casper area, a safe ride home should they not be able to afford a paid taxi. Any bar tender or server can offer a drinker a Safe Ride voucher, the drinker can also request a Safe Ride voucher from the server.

The server will call a taxi to the location. The drinker will be helped to the taxi and the taxi driver is given the voucher. The drinker is driven home or to their hotel and the taxi company are reimbursed for the fare from a Safe Ride fund. Safe Ride will not offer rides from bar to bar, just home. Safe Ride operates 24 / 7 / 365.